We live in a world of technology.

We love technology, it's what we've always done!  az-Tech Products are a family-run UK business with a working background in Technology, Electronics and Communications.

Outside of work we love to tinker with all manner of gadgets, but in acquiring these we noticed one recurring problem...  They are either sold at an inflated price as a 'premium' brand, or they are are considered 'cheap and disposable'.

We're here to change that - we want everyone to have access to quality products at realistic prices

Speaking of costing the earth...

We all know that electronics will have an impact on our planet and we're keen to minimise that.

We have put in place a 3 step plan to reduce our footprint:

 1. We are working towards plastic free packaging with our manufacturers.  Unfortunately we're not quite there yet, but it's something we aim to achieve in the near future!

2. We use the most environmentally friendly mode of transport available when sourcing and distributing our products.

3. Buying a quality item means that it doesn't end up broken and thrown in landfill just a few months later.  Does that cheaper product represent better value for you or the planet?


Finding the balance.

We want to offer great products without putting a hole in your pocket. 

We've worked with our carefully selected manufacturers to modify existing designs and formulated our own from the ground up, to ensure that our products are all of top quality.

Our aim is to produce the highest quality goods at a cost affordable to everyone, because we're keen for everyone to share in our passion without it costing the earth!

Quality Control

All of our products go through a rigorous QC procedure at the point of manufacture.  Every batch is then subject to random spot checks at our HQ to ensure they meet our highest standards.

Put simply, if we wouldn't be happy for our own family to use the products, they won't be sold to you!

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